The Massage School Experience

Massage School is a unique educational experience. Graduates of the best massage schools will tell you that, beyond the knowledge and skills they acquired, the massage school experience changed them personally. People describe this personal transformation in different ways – and everybody has a different experience – but there are many common elements.

Massage School Experience

Students say that massage school helps them gain a better understanding of themselves, both physically and emotionally. Through the classroom experience (giving and receiving massage almost every day), students learn first-hand the positive effects that massage has on the body and the mind. They speak of a growing awareness of themselves in relation to others and a growing confidence in relating to others.

Massage school is, of course, hands-on learning. In most quality massage schools, the emphasis is on doing. There are written manuals to be sure. But the real learning is experiential – you learn by doing. So, in hands-on courses in the best massage schools, after a lecture and a demonstration by the instructor, students learn by practicing what they have seen and heard – by giving a massage to one of their classmates and by receiving one in return.

The best massage schools feel like a sort of family – a community of individuals of different ages and backgrounds … students, staff, and faculty … with a common interest that overrides their differences.

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Massage School Experience

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